How Ayurveda Can Help to Prevent Diseases

How Ayurveda Can Help to Prevent diseases Hitaahitm sukham dukhmayustasaya hitahitam | Maan Cha Tach yatroktamayurveda sa uchaayte ||” Ayurveda is an amazing and ancient Veda that provides knowledge of good, bad, happy, and unhappy life, its promoters, non-promoters, the length of life, and it’s quality. According to the Ayurveda, concept of health is categorized […]

What is Immunity and Ayurvedic Herb for Immune System

How to Boost Immunity Naturally & Ayurvedic Herb for Immune System? What is Immunity: Immunity of an individual is defined as the ability of the body to defend itself against disease-causing organisms. In our daily life, our body comes in contact with several pathogens, but only a few results into diseases. This is because our […]